Energy Requalification: can it be a saving?

Outer coat, photovoltaic panel, ventilation roof

When we buy a new car, we pay a close attention to its fuel consumption: how many kms can we go with a liter of fuel? It becomes almost the decisive element for the choice of our new car……

But we do not pay the same attention when we have to buy a flat!!!!

In one year we pay a total of € 2000/2500 to heat up or to refresh our rooms (the same cost of a car travelling 17 km with a liter of fuel).

The requalification of a building (or a flat) can lower these costs up to € 800/year (like a car covering 50-60 kms with a liter of fuel).

Houses have a much longer life and a much lower devaluation as opposed to cars; in fact the value of a property tends to grow or to remain unchanged over time.

We’ll never buy a refrigerator of class C, we only request class A and A+, which assure lower energy consumption; on the contrary we submit to live in a flat of class G (!) without taking any notice.

The offers are countless….. To reduce winter consumption we can replace window frames with double glazing; lay an external coat; improve the efficiency of the internal heating systems; use solar panels to obtain hot water or photovoltaic ones to lower electricity costs. We can place fixed or semi-mobile protections on the external windows to reduce the consumption required for summer cooling (which is almost twice the winter one)

Each problem has hundreds of solutions, but which is the right one? It is impossible to generalize. The national panorama is teeming with firms advertising products and solutions that are excellent but extremely different from each other, with different yields and efficiencies depending on the building on which they must be placed.

The solutions must be chosen by technicians who can have the overall view of the architectural object and who can consider technical factors to recommend the most effective interventions with the best quality/price ratio.

So, we can confirm that requalification is definitely a choice to pursue but with the right technical support.