Gloria Fanti works with competence and professionalism in every building sector.

We design, build, renew ; we supervise building yards and coordinate their safety. We conceive and plan homes, shops and offices interiors.

Find out in detail all our fields of intervention

The planning of new buildings cannot only be characterized by re-proposing identical modular flats, without considering the framework. It must originate from the study of the surroundings, exposure, wind and light directions in order to build at the best energy performances.

Our expertise in green building allows us to take care of all these aspects with excellent results even from an aesthetic point of view.


Most of the works in Italy deal with the restructuring of our enormous building heritage. In many cases it involves high-quality buildings, in some cases (mainly those built in the 60s) they are of poor quality even if the inner spaces are larger.

Retraining these buildings can lead to large savings in costs and good improvements in the quality of living.

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After defining the ideal project, the next step is its realization. This requires the presence of several professionals which must be coordinated and guided in choosing the best solutions for the client.

The building yard supervisor has the task of coordinating workers and contractor, in order to assure a perfect quality of the work.

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The most amusing side of our work is certainly the Interior Design. In this field we take advantage of our imagination, gift, creativity and ideas.

We work in close connection with the client in order to obtain a final design which harmonizes all demands and ideas.

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Italian Law ascribes many responsibilities to the customer as regards yard safety during the execution of a plan.

To manage at be best these responsibilitiesGloria Fanti gives the required expertises.

This is the quickest and cheapest way to obtain original ideas to renew your flat or only one room. You can send us the photos of the space you want to renew with size details.

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Interior Design is mainly based on the quality of the finishing touch such as curtains, ceramics, lightnings, furnitures…

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Architecture means  to imagine, to draw, and to realize the space that we want to arrange.

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